5 Best Magazines for UPSC Preparation

Are you wondering why a topic about the top monthly magazines for current news for UPSC has given so much importance? Magazines are powerful reading materials for UPSC aspirants. Many magazines are there to ease the candidate’s search, which helps them prepare for the vital UPSC exams. But, do you need to collect all those magazines and start taking all the notes?

It could be your worst nightmare! Well, it’s impossible to accumulate the crucial factors from all those available magazines in the market. So, what are you going to do? All you need to read articles from some fantastic monthly magazines for UPSC.

Such a short collection of magazines will keep your head straight and help you score high in the UPSC exam. While various masters have the gut to take up the UPSC challenge, plan out, and skim through the entire syllabus, memory retention is the biggest concern with the most meticulous and studious candidates. And here comes the relevancy of UPSC magazines!

Newspapers and magazines are not so similar, although they serve corresponding objectives. Those who read the newspaper daily, magazines will be a step-up for them. However, without much delay, let’s check out the top magazines for UPSC.

5 Best Magazines for UPSC Preparation

Although UPSC hasn’t released its official list of magazines, which students can refer to. Here, we have summed up the ideal magazines for UPSC as per the famous opinion and topper recommendations.

1. Yojana

Yojana is one of the ideal magazines for UPSC, published by the Indian Government. The UPSC aspirants can purchase its hardcopy and the softcopy at Rs. 20 only. However, Yojana magazine conveys the message of Indian’s economic growth.

It diligently struggles to promote top-notch discussions on vital socio-economic issues. This is undoubtedly a gem magazine for the aspirants. Being a robust current affairs monthly magazine, it is jam-packed with authentic facts.

More precisely, the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting published magazine will be your one-stop-shop destination where you can find all the important events. It widely contains government initiatives, legislation, national significance, and socio-economic issues.

Furthermore, such a unique magazine is now available in 13 Indian languages apart from English. These are Marathi, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Oriya, Telegu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Urdu, and Punjabi.

Being a government magazine for UPSC, it provides an equivalent opinion, like both pros and cons, which are inevitable for administrative jobs, mainly for Main and Interview preparation. In a nutshell, Yojana is a worthy magazine for General studies for Paper-II, III, and Essay papers.

2. Kurukshetra Magazine

Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has publicized “Kurukshetra magazine” for the UPSC aspirants. It is a monthly journal, which deals entirely with Rural Development. Moreover, such an exemplary magazine serves as the best forum for crucial discussion of the numerous issues based on rural growth and agriculture.

Therefore, Kurukshetra will assist the candidates in grasping the governmental schemes. As a particular portion of UPSC focuses on these two factors, the magazine will, in turn, be helpful for both Prelims and Mains. In brief, it is still a mandatory magazine, which helps you hone your skills and knowledge and prepare for the upcoming UPSC exam.

It doesn’t have significance like Yojana magazine in terms of exam perspective. Still, being a government magazine, it will help UPSC aspirants to get government notions on various topics.

3. Down to Earth Magazine

The “Down to Earth” Magazine is a fortnightly magazine based on environmental issues and awareness. Therefore, it is a valuable one for optional geography students. By providing the pattern of CSE in the previous years, the environment topic has received surpassing weightage.

More importantly, this magazine will assist you in preparing topics regarding the environment and any other national preference, including health, security, and livelihood. You may also get its print version in Digital form so that you can download it on your smartphone and get a PDF copy.


4. Economic and Political Weekly Magazine

Economic and Political Weekly magazine is a great and renowned social science journal for UPSC candidates. All the published articles are mainly technical and need endless readings. It has recently publicized a thorough analysis of modern affairs along with top-notch academic papers in the social sciences.

However, the major focus of this magazine is to identify the economic challenges. Being a multidisciplinary publication, it has diligently covered political science, sociology, environmental studies, and history topics. In brief, this magazine would be an elegant solution for all the candidates who have been trying harder to get administrative jobs.

5. Science Reporter

Are you looking for a monthly renowned science magazine to strengthen your UPSC preparation? Science Reporter would be the best science magazine, published by the National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources in India. More precisely, the publisher is a government agency in New Delhi.

Nowadays, it is the most prominent platform for exchanging notions of science policy, the state of science in the country, and talking about the future course science in India must take. Nevertheless, this magazine is a fantastic solution for the students to obtain the latest updates from the world of science.


Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is not just an ordinary entrance examination to utilize your average knowledge to pass the exam. It exclusively demands the best knowledge about your residential country India and various aspects.

Most importantly, UPSC requires applying your knowledge, which you have obtained from your study diagnostically and conceptually. That’s why these lists of best UPSC magazines for current affairs will help you achieve all-encompassing details and critical perspectives.

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