6 Best Online Coaching for IAS Exam in 2022

The young generation of India is nowadays more inclined to administrative jobs. Such designations are the most prominent and reputable at the same time. One of such valuable and eminent designations is Indian Administrative Services (IAS).

So, are you looking for the best online coaching for IAS? However, online coaching for the IAS exam is reputed in the educational sector. Through best-in-class online IAS coaching resources, students can be well-prepared for IAS anytime in the comfort of their homes.

Therefore, such exclusive online IAS coaching will aid you in getting prepared for the upcoming UPSC exam. You must be wondering about which are the top-notch online coaching for IAS? How do you pick one among a thousand other premium online sectors?

We understand it isn’t very comforting for you to rank such online coaching institutes. That’s why we have summed up the top 5 online coachings for IAS with accurate contact details. Moreover, we will tell you how to choose such online institutes and their benefits. Let’s dig into the article to get a complete notion of the best online IAS coaching institutes.

How to Choose Top Online Coaching for IAS Preparation?

IAS aspirants should understand their worth and their requirements as both mediums are available for exam preparation. In case you are heading to online coaching for IAS, you have to consider some crucial factors before choosing one! So, let’s look at the few mandatory tips to choose the best coachings for IAS preparation:

Study Material

Online videos are not enough to prepare students for the IAS exam. Despite such live interaction and online videos, students need to follow the study materials, like e-books, PDF study notes, hand-made notes, etc.

So, the study materials are inevitable for students to get themselves prepared for IAS. However, when you yet to choose the top online IAS coaching institutes, make sure it provides enough study materials.

Necessary Guidance

Aspirants need the correct guidance and mentoring to prepare themselves for the IAS examination. Therefore, it’s a bit harder to provide the necessary guidance in the online sessions as students cannot contact the faculty directly.

They remain dependent on live or online interaction. So, when you are about to opt for the best online coaching for IAS, make sure the classes should mitigate your needs.

Veteran Faculty

The faculty of an online IAS coaching training institute should be experienced enough. Therefore, the experienced team assists the students in every aspect to boost their competency. So, know about the experienced team of teachers before you pick one.

Current Affairs Classes

Current Affair classes are important for the IAS preparation. So, this part of the syllabus doesn’t include any definite syllabus. That’s why there should be effective regular classes on current affairs of India as it can’t be taught within a week.

In brief, when you want to select the best online coaching, make sure they conduct daily current affairs sessions.

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6 Best Online Coaching for IAS Exam

To help students make the correct decision, let’s check out the top 5 online IAS coaching for Indian Administrative Service exam preparation:

1. BYJU’s


BYJU is one of the extraordinary learning apps designed specifically for students who dream of scoring desirable marks in IAS. Are you one of those candidates feeling sleepy in class? Does your mind never provide space to take a book and read?

You should enroll yourself in BYJU’s learning app. We understand opting for superior online coaching for IAS is baffling and tough for an aspirant. So, once you join BYJU’s online IAS coaching, it offers you the best preparation for IAS.


Video Lectures

The high-quality video lectures are available on YouTube and their website to provide free video lectures to the students. These videos are of the highest quality, authentic, valuable according to the syllabus.

IAS Prep Tablet

The experienced faculties on BYJU’s IAS tablet offer a detailed and comprehensive study plan throughout the daily tests and evaluations for the students. On the other hand, students may also customize their study plans according to the candidate’s needs.

Answer Writing Practice

Writing practice is inevitable in order to clear the Mains paper. Therefore, BYJU offers seamless answer writing practice for the second level of the IAS exam.

Courses Offered

  • Online IAS Prelims coaching
  • Online IAS Mains coaching
  • Online IAS Prelims + IAS Mains coaching
  • Online UPSC combined IAS coaching
  • Online IAS optional coaching

Visit Now: https://byjus.com/ias/

2. Vision IAS

Vision IAS

The Vision IAS is the best online IAS coaching institute located in Delhi. It has an exclusive vision for a mélange of quality yet quantitative methods for the complete preparation of the IAS aspirants.

Such a brand new online foundation course of Vision IAS has been crafted by exclusive research and development of the IAS exam over those relentless years. Therefore, such a dynamic course of Vision IAS is a comprehensive preparation, which will enable candidates to achieve huge success in the exams.

Moreover, if you want to get the best assistance for IAS preparation, choose this reputed online coaching institute.


Consecutive Preparation

The online library of Vision IAS makes sure you can arrange your notes, lectures, quizzes, and study material in an advanced and organized way throughout all your gadgets.

Crucial Training Sessions

It offers extensive online resources so that the aspirants can access the classes anytime they want. Moreover, this single online study portal offers performance reports, study material, and individual and comparative progress trackers, and so on.

Personal Assistance

You will get a real-life communication and physical classroom touch experience with exclusive counseling via mail, call, or one-to-one guidance. This is how they encourage the IAS aspirants to achieve their goals.

Courses Offered

  • Online IAS Prelims coaching
  • Online IAS Mains coaching
  • Online IAS optional coaching
  • Online IAS Prelims + Mains coaching
  • Online UPSC combined IAS coaching

Fee Structure

Online or live interactive sessions from Vision IAS are of 11-12 months along with it offers:

  • Offline access
  • Weekend opt availability

Therefore, all such amenities are available at an exclusive fee of Rs. 1,25,000, inclusion of taxes. So, after paying this amount, you are liable to get prepared all the GS Prelims, 4 GS Papers, CSAT, and essays.

Visit Now: http://www.visionias.in/

3. Unacademy


Unacademy is the best online IAS coaching and the leading choice for aspiring IAS officers. It is a brand new online coaching institute, which has appeared with a top-notch interface for students with test series for UPSC exams.

Moreover, this professional institute for IAS is cofounded by the youngest IAS officer Roman Saini for extensive online IAS coaching. The top-notch part of the Unacademy IAS coaching is that you can avail of its monthly teaching plan. So, you may also get plenty of discounts and a supreme EMI facility.


  • Limitless Access
  • Daily live and interactive sessions
  • Quick doubt clearing classes
  • Structured courses
  • Live exams and quizzes

Courses Offered

  • Best online IAS Prelims and Mains coaching
  • Best online IAS Prelims + IAS Mains coaching

Fee Structure

Duration of the Unacademy Subscription Charges of Unacademy subscription
1 month Rs. 8000
3 months Rs. 20000
6 months Rs. 36000
12 months Rs. 44000
24 months Rs. 64000

Visit Now: https://unacademy.com/

4. Legacy IAS

Legacy IAS

Legacy IAS is the best-in-class online coaching platform for IAS. If you are one of those aspirants, want to qualify for the IAS selection steps, you may always choose this online coaching institute.

Do you want to avail of the multi-layered teaching programs? To enroll in the Legacy IAS for seamless preparation! It offers time-oriented online tests to verify your knowledge base, and feedback is also given thoroughly. Therefore, to conclude, it’s the best online coaching for IAS aspirants.


  • It provides live interactive sessions with amazing video streaming and HD qualities with transparent visualization at a meager data consumption.
  • Early and hassle-free timing of the sessions offers a scheduled classroom experience to get a complete revision and preparation for the IAS in the most productive time.
  • Weekly assessment and amenity to attend offline sessions make the Legacy IAS course is the best of all.

Fee Structure

Online and offline courses at Legacy IAS are available at Rs. 130000 for the foundation package. On the other hand, the optional subject coaching is given at Rs. 30000 and the integrated courses are provided at Rs. 160000. If you want to avail of the three years courses, the charges will be Rs. 210000.

Visit Now: https://www.legacyias.com/

5. Drishti IAS

Drishti IAS

It is another renowned name in the field of UPSC coaching. In recent years, especially in the Hindi medium, there have been several selections from them. The academy was founded in 1999. Since then, they have been one of the top choices for preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE).


  • Teaching by the best teachers of the country.
  • Particular emphasis on conceptual clarity and developing answer writing skills in classes.
  • Provision of resolving doubts via regular online meetings.
  • Total 1000+ hours of classes. Facility to see each class unlimited times. The validity of the course is for three years from the start of the batch.

Courses Offered

  • Ethics (GS Paper-IV)
  • GS Foundation Live Online Course
  • Current Affairs Crash Course
  • IAS General Studies: Prelims and Mains Foundation Batch
  • IAS Prelims: General Studies

Visit Now: www.drishtiias.com

6. Plutus IAS

Plutus IAS

Plutus Online IAS academy is the superior IAS coaching institute for determined aspirants. It offers online coaching services to acquire knowledge from highly qualified and veteran teachers. They offer supreme IAS courses at a very reasonable price.

There are various reasons for choosing Plutus online IAS coaching academy. This institute caters to only 100 students per session in their live interactive sessions. Moreover, the teachers provide quality panels and responses to the students. Hence, this institute is student-friendly!


  • Video lectures
  • Daily basis test
  • Quiz on distinct topics
  • Daily newspaper following, like The Hindu
  • Daily general awareness and current affairs
  • Extensive study materials

Courses Offered

  • UPSC Online classes
  • Online IAS Classes
  • Online IAS Prelims and Mains classes
  • Online Live IAS classes
  • IAS Exam preparation lectures

Fees Structure

Course Duration Course Price
1-year Rs. 140000 + GST
2-years Rs. 200000 + GST
3-years Rs. 300000 + GST

Visit Now: https://plutusias.com/

Benefits of Online IAS Coaching

A few reasons are shown below for choosing the best online IAS coaching:

Enhanced Flexibility

Online coaching facilitates students to become more flexible. Here, they don’t have to rush to the classes at a particular time. In case of missing any online class, they can watch it with a seamless video backup facility. All the study materials will be given to you via online methods.

Maximized Accessibility

Within a click, students will get vast information. They don’t have to travel to gain knowledge. Cutting-edge technologies have made the process simpler for the aspirants by fetching the best online coaching for the IAS exam.

Seamless Interactions

At an online IAS coaching academy, students can ask their queries anytime when they don’t understand a topic. They don’t have to wait for the subsequent sessions to ask their queries. They get the leverage of asking questions at any time.


To get the most fantastic online IAS exam preparation, you may get various institutes upon research at a budget-friendly rate. You need to be wise enough and shouldn’t always go for the cheap institutes without knowing their faculties, courses offerings, and so on.

All the aforementioned top 5 online coaching academies for IAS preparation offer seamless amenities to their students. However, one of the significant benefits of online IAS coaching is its time-saving criterion and cost-efficiency.

So, pick out anyone as per your choice and research, and get the best preparation by enrolling in one of these online IAS coachings with adequate online classes. If you have any questions, kindly let us know your doubt and also tell us your preference by commenting below!

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