Top 15 Highest Paying Government Jobs in India 2022

The desirability for government jobs is something that does not need any kind of enlightenment. There’re many reasons why job seekers desire government sector jobs. To count some, the government sector jobs in India offer a sense of security, aren’t social life killers, as well as offer plenty of other perks and benefits. Let us look at highest paying government jobs in India.

Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

1. Indian Foreign Services

IUPSC or Union Public Service Commission regularly conducts the civil service examination for recruiting civil servants all over the nation. The exam for UPSC Civil service is conducted for different posts & Indian Foreign Services is among them. IFS is the highly coveted job covers under the UPSC Civil Service. And UPSC Exam is generally conducted each year in 3 stages: first is prelims, Mains & Interview. The officer gets an amazing salary of 60k that includes many other benefits.

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2. Public Sector Units

Public sector unit generally includes the state-owned companies such as NTPC, BHEL, ONGC, and more. All these companies provide plenty of jobs each year under different categories & groups. These are centrally controlled units, and employees of the companies are given good pay and other facilities available to the government servants. Jobs & salary differ as per related industry & position of an employee. Though

3. IAS & IPS

These are two important posts that UPSC conducts their recruitment.  They will get jobs in various fields as per their marks in this exam. Salary of IAS & IPS is fifty thousand rupees; also they get big bungalow facility. They get security guards with the conventional vehicles, and leaves to study in the foreign countries.

4. Bank PO

In India, bank jobs are the highly beneficial jobs. Work pressure is really good and salary is in proportion the benefits that are provided. SBI, RBI, PSU Banks (like Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, etc.), Regional and Rural Banks (RRBs) and more recruit many graduates each year.

5. Scientist

Scientists are developing roots of our country. DRDO, ISRO are some highly reputable institutions that are run by the government scientists. Salary of the government scientist is equivalent & sometimes much better than private ones. Perks like individual houses where they are accommodated, and medical insurance are a few benefits received with this job. Work pressure is a bit high and job is demanding.

6. Lecturers in the Government Colleges

Job of lecturer is amazing as you get enough of free time in the daily routine. Salary of lecturer differs from 40,000 to 1 lakhs. This depends on working experience of a teacher, and senior teacher gets good salary than the junior teachers. Lecturer gets incentives like the medical care, laptop provisions and accommodation facility.

7. RBI Grade B Officer

Reserve Bank of India is the available banks in India; RBI Grade B is a best post for each interested candidate out there. Candidate has to appear for RBI exams, and they will surely attain promotions in future. An average salary of the RBI Grade B will be 67,000 Rs with complete DA.

8. Doctors

It’s of the normal consideration that the Doctors don’t seek to get in the government service like other professionals out there do. However, that is not true. The doctors in the government hospitals & other institutions are given hefty paychecks & other facilities. After some period, Doctors will practice privately too.

9. Civil Services

Suppose you wish to be a part of steel frame of the Indian administration or dream to have a good say in major decisions that are taken by Indian government then the Civil services will be the best job opportunities. The respect & prestige that comes with the services like IPS, IAS, and IFS are totally unmatched over anything in a private sector. Salary of civil servant begins from 50,000INR excluding other unmatched benefits.

10. State Services Commissions

Different states conduct their exams like ETO, SDM, DSP, and others for candidates.  Salary of State Services Commission differs as per the particular state, however, on an average; pay will be around 45,000 INR. They will get many other incentives like furnished house, vehicle, and decrement in electricity, driver for a car, and others.

11. State Public Service Commission

State Public Service Commission generally conducts the PSC exams and recruits intelligent candidates for different administrative posts in State. Apart from appointment of candidates, it sets the rules for granting any promotions, transferring the candidates from a service to another, as well as promoting higher ranks. The basic pay is Rs 23,640 and jobs by the state public service are identical to the civil servant.

12. Officers in Indian Railway

If you are the engineer then, becoming railway engineer is a best career choice for you. Mainly in India, the Railways have highest number of engineer government jobs. The railway engineers get luxurious houses and other benefits that are offered by the government. The job pressure & work demand are manageable and Senior Section Engineer earns around Rs 6,01,866

13. Insurance ADO/AAO

The insurance jobs are the highly beneficial jobs in our country. Work needs one to inspect as well as analyze running policies, plan out new schemes, process as well as interacting with the clients. Salary is in proportion to benefits that are provided. Career with such corporation can be highly beneficial. Pay scale is really good and work pressure is also manageable.

14. ASO in Ministry of External Affairs

Candidates need to prepare for SSC CGL exam to crack ASO in Ministry of External Affairs. Salary of the External Affair officers differs from 1.25 lakh – 1.8 lakh. Minister gets best accommodation facilities with the free medical care. They also get the medical facilities in the big hospitals in our country with best care & protection.

15. Indian Coast Guard

ICG or Indian Coast Guard is one of the most reputed government jobs and is like Indian Navy. The salary and other perks are really very good. It is one of the most high paid government jobs in India and a profession you must consider.

Final Words

Government jobs are a big deal in India. The security and stability that the government job will offer provide, private job will never offer it. Government job won’t just look after your financial stability, but will do so when you retire.

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