How to Become Pilot in India?

Aviation sector is gaining huge attention among masses today. If anyone wants to become the pilot and wish to touch the sky then it is the time you must live your dream. In today’s post we will learn how one can become pilot in India. Let us start:

How to Achieve Your Dream to Become Pilot in India?

There are 2 ways to become a Pilot in India, let us explore about them in complete details.

  1. Having Commercial Pilot License
  2. Serving in Indian Air Force or IAF

The Civil Aviation License needs to have licenses like the Student Pilot License that has to be aimed at 16 years and private pilot license at 17 years and final license that allows you fly the passenger flights are the Commercial Pilot License that can be availed at 18 years. Rules for procuring a license for IAF differs from a type of process to another.

Becoming Commercial Pilot in India

How to Become Pilot in India

The Commercial Aircraft Pilot in India is a skilled professional that can fly aeroplanes and helicopters for the business purposes that includes transportation of the passengers or cargo, emergency rescue, traffic monitoring, and evacuation operations, firefighting, aircraft testing, and crop dusting. Generally, the commercial airlines appoint two persons as the pilot crew; first person is Capitan and second is Co-Pilot or First Officer.

Courses and Eligibility for Commercial Pilot in India

Given are some details about the courses and eligibility criteria to become Commercial Pilot.

  • Suppose a person is keen to become Commercial Pilot in India, he needs to have Commercial Pilot License.
  • The Commercial Pilot License is provided by Directorate General of the Civil Aviation.
  • An aspirant who wants to become the Commercial Pilot should have completed more than 2 years.
  • It is important for a candidate to join DGCA-approved institution and get pilot training course.
  • Candidates who join such institutes have to clear the written test.
  • Besides written test, candidates need to be fit medically according to the medical assessment rules of per DGCA Class I.
  • To get eligible for the Commercial Pilot License, candidates need to run 200 flying hours.
  • Passing theory paper will be mandatory for CPL application.
  • Students have to clear the exam conduction by different aviation academics and get trained to get CPL.

Becoming Pilot in IAF

IAF Pilot

An individual who is passionate to serve our nation may opt for courses that offer defense licenses. There are many benefits of getting in the course and after completing the training successfully, you are paid really well. Suppose you are efficient, you can be paid during your training period too.

An interested candidate applying for IAF license need to have some qualities because serving our nation is the duty that needs to be accompanied by huge responsibility. With the characteristics of a good pilot, a candidate needs to be a great soldier. It is important to should have presence of mind, efficient decision-making ability, and agility, adaptability to change, sense of questioning, stamina, and firm mind.

There are many options by which one may become pilot by getting a license from IAF. You may get a license by applying directly to NDA or National Defense Academy, to be the member of National Cadet Corps and are Air Wing Sr. Division ‘C’ holder, getting Short Service Commission that is one scheme to be the part of Indian Air force for only 14 years, or can apply via Combined Defence Services Examination.

Courses and Eligibility for IAF

  • The qualifications of becoming a pilot in IAF is scoring 55 percent aggregate marks in your 10+2 in the Science Stream (Chemistry, Physics, and Maths)
  • Suppose you are non-science student, one can study all subjects just by enrolling in the NIOS course.
  • So, minimum qualifications is joining a flying school and after joining the school one needs to sail through several physical and medical tests in order to get eligible for the pilot post.
  • The key subjects for becoming pilot are the high school science (chemistry and physics) and maths.

Some leading institutes to pursue Aviation course are:

  • IGRUA in Rae Bareilly
  • Rajiv Gandhi Academy of the Aviation Technology in Kerala
  • National Flying Training Institute in Gondia
  • Bombay Flying Club in Mumbai
  • Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics Ltd in Ahmedabad
  • Madhya Pradesh Flying Club in Indore
  • CAE Oxford Aviation Academy in Gondia
  • Indigo Cadet Training Program, (New Zealand, Hamilton, and Hyderabad in India)

Note: Each institute mentioned here has got their specifications about physical fitness & eyesight specifically.

Entering Any Flying School

In India, to enter the flying school, it is important for a person to take an entrance test that is offered by them. Additionally, you have to clear the physical fitness criteria that are specified by the schools. Actually, this is a toughest part and only fit person will get the admissions in the recognized flying schools. Cost of courses offered by the flying schools is quite high and will range from 20 lacs – 25 lacs. Most of the banks offer loans of over 50% for joining the schools.

Important Things to Know to Become a Pilot in India

  • After completing your training, candidates will get a license to pursue their piloting career.
  • Airline companies generally hire the successful candidates who are trained by the schools as a trainee.
  • During their training stage, salary won’t be very high. And after their training period, regular pilots will get paid very high salaries.
  • Even when you become the commercial pilot, you have to undergo the complete medical checkup.
  • Any health problems will lead to cancellation of your pilot’s license. Thus, a pilot job will be quite challenging and rewarding too.

Think of Joining IAF

Never get confused between the regular pilot and pilot with IAF. The INF pilots will be recruited via the NDA exams. The trainings will be offered for free. When inducted in the IAF, pilots get the salaries that will be on par with Indian government salaries.

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