How to Prepare for Government Jobs in India?

Setting your goal and achieving it, needs plenty of hard work and determination to go ahead. In order, to accomplish your goal for the Government Job Preparation in India without joining coaching institute, you should know the best Government Exams in India, for which you will have start the preparation immediately. Best options for the new graduate are the Staff Selection Commission Exam, Banking Exams, UPSC Services Examination, and Railway Exams.

How to Prepare for Government Jobs in India

How to Prepare for Government Jobs in India

Suppose you are looking to crack the government job exam & get selected for the desired post, it is important to know all details of an exam, particularly, its selection procedure, pattern, as well as syllabus. It is very important to create the smart and right preparation plan before you go ahead.

Understand the Selection Procedure 

It is important to know the complete details of your selected government job selection procedure must. Candidates should understand various stages that are involved in a selection procedure as well as strategies their preparation in that way. Even though the selection process is very different for the different posts, but, government job exams in India will have following stages:

  1. Prelim Written Exam
  2. Main Exam
  3. Personal Interview
  4. Physical or Medical Test

In majority of these exams, one needs to clear every stage to appear for their next stage of selection process. For the written exams, candidates must focus more on their academics as well as polish their skills and concepts. For the personal interview, the candidates will have to work on their presentation skills as well as work on mock interview sessions or read on cracking the personal interview. For the jobs that have got physical tests as a part of their selection process, candidates have to work hard on that particularly area to ace their exam as well as get selected in their desired profile.

Evaluating the Exam Syllabus

Exam syllabus is a main key for cracking any of the screening tests, whether it is for the academic admission or the recruitments; it is not at all different in government jobs. By understanding the whole syllabus on the basis of which test paper for exam will be prepared, allows a candidate to design the preparation strategy, which covers the minor and major topics without missing out on anything. Exam syllabus helps the candidate to evaluate the type of questions that will be asked in their examination and get prepared for them beforehand.

Find Study Material from Various Sources

Getting the study material is a key for cracking the competitive exams as well as getting government jobs. Do not rely on one single source for your study material. You need to turn towards seniors, coaching institute friends, government job aspirants, and more to collect the material for your exam. Besides that, there are many websites online, forums, as well as mobile apps that will offer you with a lot of study material that you can dig into as well as get prepared for your desired exams.

Designing Preparation Strategy

Like discussed, designing the holistic preparation strategy will be very important for any aspiring candidate to crack their desired exams. There’re a lot of components that must be considered when designing the competitive exam strategy. There’re some obvious things that the preparation strategy must cover like designing the goal based the timeline covering whole syllabus, and focusing on the weaker areas more and devoting a little more time for tackling some tricky topics and regular revision or mock tests to evaluate the performance. Besides these, it’s important to incorporate the motivational aspect into your preparation strategy. It means that, strategy must motivate as well as inspire you for preparing the examination in place of being the mechanical schedule followed.

Create Your Master Plan and Crack the Exam

Keep following things in your mind when creating the master plan for cracking any govt job:

  • Allocate right and fixed time for every section when you want to clear sectional cut off all along with the overall cut off. Thus, you can’t afford to skip any section. You need to allocate the time based over your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Segregate topics based upon your strengths & weaknesses. Mark the important topics for an exam.
  1. General Awareness –One hour
  2. General English –One hour
  3. Reasoning Ability –Two hours
  4. Quantitative Aptitude –Three hours
  5. Computer Awareness – One hour
  • When you are finished with one topic, you must go through the examples as well as practice enough questions.
  • Make sure you understand concepts – clear your theory behind them.
  • Analyze the mock test results & work on your weakness and mistakes.
  • Revise on the regular basis, and the concepts that you are very much confident about.
  • Take down the mock tests on regular basis and know where you are.

The Key to Preparation is : “Stay Self Motivated and Prepare Notes”

‘Do not work hard, but work intelligent’.

If you want to be self-motivated for the Indian Government Job Preparation, it is important you follow right approach and prepare for your exam.

Let us look at some of the important points for the smart study.

  • Solve the Mock Test and Previous Year Exam Papers not only to know any difficulty level however to experience this as well as analyze which topic comprises of more marking weightage. You can solve it to improve your accuracy too.
  • Prepare some short notes and do quick revision for the exams. Revision notes generally help in summary of the whole chapter that can cover all topics.
  • Evaluate your examination & know which subjects or topics have got high priority.

Final Words

So, now you must be having a little idea about how you must prepare for the govt jobs in India. Do not leave any stone unturned and get selected for the dream job. Make sure you have to give your best shot and make a proper study plan.  All the best!

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