5 Best Newspapers for UPSC Preparation

Studying newspapers is an essential part when it comes to any exam preparation. More precisely, newspaper reading is also part and parcel of clearing the most challenging examination like UPSC. So, are you ready to dive into the toughest UPSC exam? General knowledge plays an inevitable role in the UPSC syllabus as it helps boost personal and academic levels.

Every year, many questions are directly or indirectly asked about the current affairs in UPSC preliminary, Mains, and Interview. That’s why it makes sense that the aspirants must acquire knowledge of current affairs. However, the current affairs contain political situations, new govt. Schemes, technology, and many more.

You must have known that newspapers are a credible source of authentic information on current affairs. These are budget-friendly and seamless to access. So, don’t you think you should be familiar with what’s going on in your surroundings?

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Newspapers for UPSC Preparation

That’s why you need to be updated with loads of information after skimming through this top-notch list of newspapers! According to the experts, reading newspapers for UPSC is a unique and trustworthy method for scoring well.

All the below-mentioned newspapers for UPSC are the best ones for exam preparation, recommended by exam toppers.

1. The Indian Express

The smooth history of Indian Express started back in 1932. It has made its inception as an English daily paper in India. Moreover, it has gained immense popularity for focusing on current news features. However, one of the fantastic features of this newspaper is its neutrality in covering current affairs.

Hence, it will let you cover both aspects of the topic, i.e., negative and positive. Aspirants should refer to this extraordinary newspaper for UPSC preparation if they look forward to the overview of any story with an unbiased tone.

Why should you read Indian Express?

  • This English newspaper covers a wide array of news expertise and coverage
  • It consists of exclusive news stories from the sections such as economy, governance, and politics
  • Renowned personalities write essential information in the editorial section

2. The Hindu

It has onset its journey in 1878 as a premium weekly edition. After that, gradually, it has grown into the most exclusive newspaper in India. Moreover, “The Hindu” is the most credible and precise information provider for UPSC aspirants. It usually covers the top-notch news with a piece of accurate information instead of toying with the words.

Every Sunday, they provide an opinion section by some extraordinary people like writers, authors, and more. This column can significantly assist you in framing your opinion in terms of answers in UPSC Mains.

Why is it the most prominent newspaper for UPSC?

  • It consists of all types of essential news items, which a UPSC aspirant should know.
  • This newspaper insists on publicizing that news, crosschecked by professionals, or having a rich source like government websites. 
  • It offers unbiased news, and you can quickly know what’s happening where.
  • It doesn’t contain any unnecessary news. That’s why the probability of wasting time on less crucial information is likely less if you choose this newspaper.
  • Accurate quality opinions and editorial articles can be found here.

3. Business Standard

The “Business Standard” is the best newspaper published in the easy-to-read English language. UPSC exams cover all aspects of the Indian economy and current affairs. That’s why the editorial and the articles in this newspaper will help one accumulate precise data on these topics.

Like the aforementioned newspapers, there are also various online publications! Hence, these could be top-notch sources of valuable information for UPSC aspirants.

Why do candidates choose Business Standard?

  • Amazing editorial section
  • It consists of pertinent news for the UPSC exam
  • You will be get notified about upcoming exam notifications from the UPSC
  • One will learn about the Indian economic condition

4. BBC

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the world’s primordial national broadcasting organization. Therefore, the published articles in the BBC are immensely insightful for UPSC preliminary and mains.

Furthermore, following BBC will help you to enrich your knowledge about international affairs. Here, aspirants are recommended to make notes from the newspaper and get them revised in a timely manner.

Why follow BBC for UPSC?

  • Aspirants can maximize their wisdom about international affairs
  • Highly effective for clearing UPSC prelims and mains

5. Dainik Jagaran

Such a unique newspaper, Dainik Jagaran has an endless daily readership in India. Initially, it started as a regular Hindi newspaper. After that, it has been steadily gaining popularity due to the credible source of details. Moreover, as the National Newspaper Association accredits it, every UPSC aspirant has included it in their must-read lists.

On the other hand, it comes under international paper too! Despite the above-mentioned English newspapers, Dainik Jagaran’s elevated popularity because of publishing in the Hindi language.  

Why is it advantageous to read Dainik Jagaran?

  • You can count on the newspaper for the current affairs
  • You may choose to read national current affairs content here

Which newspaper will be the best one for UPSC?

UPSC participants can follow the aforementioned newspapers recommended for all the candidates. To have a worthy and definite read, you can follow these publications:

  • The Indian Express
  • The Hindu
  • BBC

All these newspapers are the exclusive ones for the readers to gain knowledge about current affairs and prepare for UPSC. However, while reading these newspapers, you should keep into account that you must not read the whole content daily. Also, you shouldn’t indulge in reading too much!


To put it simply, reading the newspapers is not sufficient for a top-notch competitive exam like Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Candidates need to prepare notes from their preferred newspapers and align those with the syllabus for hassle-free revising. Topics such as politics, security, and human rights are crucial for the UPSC.

Hence, whenever you are reading a newspaper, make sure to be attentive to accurate details of these topics. Optimistically, this article on the best newspapers of UPSC helps you detect the top-notch newspapers.

So, reading these newspapers will gradually strengthen your preparations. As you have the lists of vital UPSC newspapers, which one do you choose among them? Let us know your preference by commenting below!

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