Plan B for UPSC Aspirants – What to do After Failing in UPSC?

Administrative jobs are the most coveted ones for the Indians because the designation of IAS Officer can fetch an immense reputation and build prestige among your peers. However, the success rate of the UPSC exam is only 25%.

Everybody knows that getting into the Indian Administrative department requires hardcore perseverance and umpteen energy of an aspirant. Apart from such elevated preparation strategy, students get failed many times!

This makes the UPSC exam being the most complicated exam amidst all! Although the outcome is not anticipated, you shouldn’t give up! Also, it’s alright to fail numerous times. At this stage, you should ask yourself if you want to switch to your plan B or keep trying until success comes!

Don’t be remorseful for your failure; rather, get up and try your plan B to stay enthusiastic. Various substitutes are there for you, which can bring success! Even you can’t thrive in the UPSC exam and be an IAS officer; it’s high time to move on and do something great for your career.

Today’s article will discuss the top 6 career options to choose from after failing in UPSC.

Plan B for UPSC Aspirants

Plan B for UPSC Aspirants

You might have heard that adage – “Knowledge never goes waste.” The syllabus of the UPSC exam is carefully embellished for the aspirants. Even if they don’t be successful in becoming IAS Officer, they still gain enormous knowledge.

It means UPSC has prepared you for becoming well-versed in various subjects and proficiencies. Therefore, students who have been preparing for the exam and attempted a few times, have always suggested having a plan B. This is because having a second plan helps you create a more sustainable career.

So, keep a handy plan for when things will not go accordingly to your career plans! Find any profession of your interest, which you can count on later. Follow your passions to do something instead of running for money as satisfaction is everything!

We understand that pessimism and weariness are expected for the candidates who have attempted the UPSC exam more than 5 times and gained nothing but a failure. As mentioned earlier, you may haven’t cracked the exam, but don’t let your knowledge go in futile!

So, after failing the UPSC exam at the age of 32, you still have whopping career options to move forward! These are shown below:

1. Other State or Central Govt Jobs

Are you exhausted with all the attempts for the UPSC exam? You should explore other state or central examinations for numerous departmental levels. Various state service exams allow you to partake in these exams for the higher age limit, for example, 40-42 years max. As you have 5-6 years of experience revising the UPSC syllabus, you can appear for this exam quickly.

2. Trying Your Luck in Banking Exams

The financial and banking industries possess innumerable career scopes for the aspirants. Like exams of IBPS and other significant authorities conduct every year. Such competitive examinations have been recruiting clerical posts and officers at many levels of the banking industry.

Moreover, IBPS allows you to be a probationary officer, taking you to the management post after a few months of probation. As the IBPS generally hires personnel for nationalized banks, it will be the best-in-class option for you. Other private banks are there too, which conducts their self-exam to recruit candidates.

3. Journalism and Media

You still have questions in your mind, what to do if I fail the UPSC exam? The only answers lie in your newspaper, TV, and smartphone. With the advancement of technologies and internet usages, people have more access to the news and conventional media. However, some might entirely be biased and crooked, but some might make a particular change.

Therefore, you could be on the other side, understanding the grounds of current affairs and how the system functions! You may partake in journalism like if it is authentic and unbiased, it may fetch drastic changes. Here, you may easily apply your states and rates knowledge and can also determinedly question the entire system through this. Don’t forget to fetch some apprehension and contribute to lesser criminal rates.

4. Partake in the Teaching Field

This is the most prestigious career option if you have failed so many times trying your luck in the UPSC exam. You could be a tutor for various colleges or schools and even the coaching institutes. There, you may teach the subjects you have studied rigorously for IAS preparation. Many IAS candidates have undergone this teaching field for more recognition.

5. Freelance Writing

The UPSC aspirants will quickly fly high in this freelance writing field as they have self-witnessed all the crucial developments while taking the exam preparation. Therefore, as per their subject specialization, they can work as columnists, writers, and contributors to any magazine or newspaper.

6. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is for you if you have enough guts and enjoy the risks and potential challenges of lives! There are whopping possibilities, and you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned to achieve the summit of success.

Initially, you may feel perturbed, but as you proceed further, you will see umpteen choices are there to make, including opening a coaching institute, starting a small business, and many more. Without wondering much, most IAS candidates who failed in the UPSC exam prepare future aspirants in their self-established IAS coaching.

To be precise, you don’t need any specific qualifications to be an entrepreneur. This primary field has unbridled variation as to what type of entrepreneur you want to be! No burden of entrance examinations can restrain you from doing your own thing.


It is highly appreciated if you choose to sit for the UPSC exam again as the attitude of becoming fearless and never giving up creates a better future. Failing over and over doesn’t imply the ultimate failure of your life; instead, it’s a long way of finding your zeal.

So, in case you move forward and take another profession or stick to attempting UPSC again, it will be your sole choice! Hopefully, this article gives you a better notion of Plan “B.” So, do accordingly whatever it takes!

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