10 Best Telegram Channels for UPSC Preparation

UPSC or The Union Public Service Commission is one of the most arduous exams for the aspirants seeking a job in the administrative department. Being the famous managerial exam in India, candidates need to prepare either in online or offline methods.

That’s why the candidates must have the appropriate study material to clear the UPSC exam. Opting for the right path is also essential when you are preparing for the UPSC. Are you ready to take a plunge in the upcoming UPSC?

You must need the links to the top-notch Telegram channels for UPSC preparation! Telegram is that impeccable place for getting share market tips to UPSC study materials. In Telegram, numerous channels and groups are helping the admins offer test series and study material for free to the UPSC candidates.

Mention not, several groups are there in the Telegram, alluring students to pay for those study notes and often promote inessential content. That’s why in today’s article, we have summed up the 10 best telegram channels for UPSC, which post quality notes without any spam.

Also, we will let you know which one is the best among the 10 and why you should join the telegram groups for UPSC. Let’s get started!

10 Best Telegram Channels for UPSC

Telegram Channels for UPSC Preparation

Are you ready to join one Telegram channel for UPSC? You must crosscheck the superior Telegram Groups for the UPSC preparation. Such Telegram channels for UPSC offer valuable details about the upcoming exams.

Almost every professional Telegram channel offers unique Q&A, PDFs, study notes, quizzes, crucial announcements, and previous years’ questions and answers. These channels are renowned sources of knowledge, and all the information is shared with the UPSC aspirants.

However, the most significant thing is that all channels provide free services for a lifetime. That’s why if any aspirants can’t afford the study materials, they will be getting much more benefits from it. In brief, these UPSC study channels have a positive impact on the life of every UPSC candidate.

1. Study IQ

Study IQ offers a thorough review of current affairs with a wide array of valuable content. With over 5 million subscribers on YouTube, this channel provides solution and study notes on the topics like reasoning and maths. To allude, this Telegram channel has revolutionized Indian education history.

Join: https://t.me/Studyiqeducation

2. Desire IAS

Desire IAS is another Telegram channel that provides daily newspaper PDFs. If you want to know more about current daily affairs, no other than Desire IAS will be an excellent choice. It can offer information in both Hindi and English language. Moreover, candidates can download the newspapers free of charge from here. Desire IAS provides information about other topics, which are also covered here despite current affairs, like mapping prelims and many more.

Join: https://t.me/DESIREIAS

3. Coursavy Pledge

Coursavy Pledge is a newly emerged telegram channel with approx 11000 followers. It is also the 3rd best telegram channel for UPSC. On the other hand, the YouTube channel of Coursavy Pledge possesses 37000 subscribers.

They provide the top-notch practice sets along with the revision of current affairs. Hence, it becomes the only channel to provide this. The UPSC aspirants will assess their answers to write progress daily by analyzing their responses with the toppers. Additionally, top-ranked candidates may also earn an excellent scholarship for the subsequent batches.

Join: https://t.me/coursavy

4. PDF4Exams

It is the most popular and comprehensive kit for the UPSC and other government jobs preparation. This top-notch Telegram Channel provides all the crucial information you should know to clear the UPSC exam. Moreover, this channel bars all the available ones because of providing test series to monthly compilations.

Join: https://telegram.me/pdf4exams

5. Study for Civil Services

“Study for Civil Services” is one of the best and creative telegram channels for the UPSC. The main perk of joining this channel is getting free study materials and valuable resources on optional subjects. On the other hand, during publishing time, it has approx three optional subject sessions. These are Foreign Affairs and Political Science, Hindi, and Public Administration.

Join: https://t.me/s/studyforcivilservices

6. Target UPSC – The Lead You Need

Target UPSC provides various insightful information based on images and charts on its Telegram channel. Therefore, it helps an aspirant get hold of the knowledge and assist the mains in responding to the writing. Apart from the diagrams, Target UPSC is one of the supreme gold mines of comments and quotations.

Join: https://t.me/s/Target30UPSC

7. Vision IAS

The official Telegram channel of Vision IAS is the best-in-class platform for the UPSC aspirants to crack exams easily. Being the most prominent Institute of UPSC IAS preparation, it offers various study materials in the form of daily quizzes, video lectures, and current affairs.

Join: https://telegram.me/VisionIAS_UPSC

8. InsightsIAS Guidance

Do you want to know the crucial tips for clearing the UPSC exam? InsightsIAS Guidance offers seamless strategies, practical advice, videos, and motivation posts to boost the aspirant’s preparation.

Join: https://t.me/s/insightsIAStips

9. Shankar IAS Academy – UPSC

Shankar IAS Academy is a public Telegram channel for the UPSC preparation. After enrolling themselves in this official group, students can learn more about the monthly Hindu Review, UPSC current affairs, and top 50 current affairs PDF for downloading.

Join: https://telegram.me/shankariasacademychennai

10. eBooks for IAS

Availability of all the study materials is a must when you start preparing for the UPSC exam. Moreover, you also need unique UPSC books to gain more knowledge. That’s why books are highly recommended on this eBook for the IAS channel.

Join: https://telegram.me/eBooks4IAS

Leading Perks of Joining Telegram Channels?

Like WhatsApp, Telegram is a unique and instant message facility. It can accommodate lacs people within a group or any channel. If you are willing to join a Telegram channel, where all the subjects related to UPSC are discussed, people with common interests join here.

It is like a self-help party. However, the significant benefits of joining such UPSC telegram channels are shown below:

  • Professionals will resolve your doubts and briefly explain all the nitty-gritty of the UPSC exam.
  • Join any telegram channel for any definite subject you like to get information about. Various channels are available for major and optional subjects.
  • You will remain updated with the current affairs. So, it will be valuable for your planning.
  • The Telegram channels are time and effort-consuming. Students can save their valuable timing and get quick responses to the study queries within a few seconds.


It’s high time to dig into one of these preferred UPSC Telegram channels and get the most of it. Save your precious time and maintain your indomitable desire to crack UPSC with these study channels.

Among these 10 best telegram channels for UPSC, the best one is Study for Civil Services. On the other hand, Desire IAS is also well-known for providing daily newspaper PDFs and a plethora of study materials.

If you are an avid Telegram user, you should consider the aforementioned channels for the UPSC preparation. Now, it’s your sole decision which one to pick among these top 10. Hopefully, this article provides the best information regarding these Telegram channels. Let us know your preference by commenting below!

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