Tina Dabi Timetable for UPSC Preparation

The UPSC aspirants must have known this eminent personality, Tina Dabi, who has become the IAS officer in 2015. The most undeniable fact is that she has cracked UPSC in just an attempt. So, you might be wondering about her immense perseverance and determination!

It takes a lot of guts to make yourself eligible to prepare for the UPSC syllabus. This miraculous wonder woman made her dream true by acquiring the 1st rank in the IAS exam. Therefore, she is regarded as an idol of various UPSC aspirants.

Can you ever imagine securing 1st rank at the very first attempt? Although it may sound intimidating to everyone, Tina has overpowered her fear and became the 1st rank holder in the IAS exam of 2015. So, how did she achieve such enormous success?

She is undoubtedly a brilliant student, but not everyone can accomplish it at the meager age of 22! Tina has provided her detailed strategies and tips for the future IAS.

So, in today’s article, you will know the detailed Tina Dabi Timetable and her valuable insights into daily schedules. However, before digging deeper, let’s find out the brief history of UPSC wonder woman Tina!

Who is Tina Dabi?

Tina Dabi was born and brought up in Bhopal and completed her college degree in Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College in New Delhi. In the UPSC exam of 2015, the first-ranked girl Tina Dabi took her first attempt and successfully became an IAS officer.

Apart from being an IAS officer, Tina takes a significant interest in reading fiction and Madhubani paintings. This 22-year-old woman had such irrevocable desire, and she made it on the first attempt!

So, everyone tries to imitate her daily routine. What’s that? Her daily practice and self-motivation power have led her to the summit of success. She had prepared a well-planned timetable and followed rigorously for the months. That’s what fetch success to her!

Her Life in Brief

  • IAS Rank: 1
  • Year of the examination: 2015
  • Native State: Delhi
  • Number of Attempts: 1
  • Preferred optional subject in UPSC: Political Science
  • Hometown: Bhopal
  • Schooling: Carmel Convent School Bhopal
  • College: Lady Shri Ram College

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Tina Dabi Timetable for UPSC Preparation

Tina Dabi Timetable for UPSC Preparation

Tina Dabi timetable is shown below for your IAS preparation. She has shared her strategy to be a successful IAS officer with the aspirants. If your exam is in the next 3 months, follow her rigorous schedule to achieve success.

Time  Things need to be done
7 AM Get up and refreshment time
7.30 AM Time to read a newspaper
8.30 AM Take a healthy breakfast
9 AM to 12 PM Study slot-1
12 to 1 PM Revision time of current affairs
1 to 2 PM Lunch break
2 to 3 PM Time to get some rest
3 to 5 PM Study slot-2
5 to 8 PM Topic-wise revision
8 to 9 PM Dinner
9 to 11 PM Study slot-3
11 to 12 PM Leisure time. Candidates can spend this time on social platforms
12 PM Sound sleep to continue this routine

Tina Dabi has suggested the following usages of the slots:

  • Slot-1: Larger topics should be covered in the early morning for more resilience, focus, and energy.
  • Slot-2: Medium-ranged topics must be done within 2 hours.
  • Slot-3: Topics should be revised properly. She recommends aspirants revise topics three times.

Top Points from Tina Dabi Timetable for Preparation

  • In Tina Dabi timetable for UPSC Mains, she suggested the candidates change their schedule as per their preference and requirements.
  • It is necessary to revise every topic from each subject three times approximately before the UPSC Preliminary exam.
  • Candidates must preserve 3 hours and 2 hours slots for the subjects according to their needs.
  • She demonstrated a crucial point, which showed the necessity of revising subjects in this 3-hours of revision slot.
  • IAS topper Tina Dabi marked 7 hours of profound sleep and a healthy diet for achieving success.

Insightful Analysis

Timetable that Tina Dabi had been following for months to become an IAS officer was prepared diligently. So, this well-planned timetable chart can fetch huge success to the aspirants if they can follow this schedule. However, let’s assess the daily routine of Tina Dabi timetable.

Newspaper Reading for UPSC

The necessity of newspaper reading can’t be neglected while preparing for the UPSC IAS exam. Newspapers are an enormous source of wisdom and knowledge. So, it helps a candidate to remain updated about current affairs nationally and internationally. Moreover, it shares incredible information on a similar issue in the editorial section.

That’s why it is inevitable for answer writing in the UPSC Mains exam. Examiners and interviewers expect the candidates to have profound knowledge based on indigenous factors, including science, economy, human rights, technology, politics, and internal security. So, As per Tina Dabi, giving 1 hour every morning on newspaper reading will help trigger your knowledge on these topics.

Detecting your Weakness and Strength

The aforementioned time slots of the daytime must be split in such a way that aspirants can spend significant time revising their weak topics. As IAS Officer Tina Dabi suggested focusing more on the time slots, candidates must unravel their weak and strong subjects and focus on the divided time. Nevertheless, it’s also important not to neglect those subjects in which they have a strength.

Current Affairs Revision

The current affairs part of the UPSC exam is crucial and a very important step towards success. Examiners check the aspirant’s capability and knowledge about indigenous factors by assessing their current affairs skills.

So, in order to ace in this section, one doesn’t possess any backlogs. With an enormous static syllabus, aspirants must not forget its’ significance. Aspirants should devote themselves to their studies and indulge in maximum timing to keep them updated regularly.

As per the Tina Dabi timetable for UPSC Mains, adequate time for the current and static affairs sections can help you crack UPSC.

Three-tier Revision

Three-Tier revision is the best-implemented revision strategy offered by the renowned IAS aspirants. If a candidate opts for revising a topic on the same day after indulging in studying, it efficiently helps grasp the topic better.

But, this won’t provide much assistance for long-term retainment. That’s why Tina Dabi timetable suggests a complete three-tier revision, which indicates the revisions should be done thrice before the exam.

Balanced Diet and Sound Sleep

The UPSC candidates start sacrificing their sleep and proper food intaking in the last few months before the exam. So, it impedes their concentration, and they don’t feel agile for the rest of the day. A balanced diet and 7-hours of adequate sleep are the keys to strengthen your last-minute preparation.

To get straight to this, you should provide full focus on your studies. That’s why it’s highly required for them to sleep properly and consume healthy foods for good health and sound sleep. Well, combatting the huge syllabus of UPSC will be going to be strenuous.


Is your UPSC exam knocking at the door? Are you frightened enough? You should be! But, overpower your fear by following this Tina Dabi timetable. However, the aforementioned timetable of Tina Dabi was her preparation chart before the UPSC Prelims.

You may make some changes to this timetable as per your needs and schedules. Her strategy showcases the significance of maintaining a necessary balance between study, revision, and leisure. Hopefully, this article inspires you to become the next IAS topper. So, stay motivated and work smartly! Good Luck!

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