5 Best YouTube Channels for UPSC Preparation

Your predilection for becoming an IAS officer is ardent! So, have you started preparing for the most arduous exam to widen your way of getting into the Indian Administrative Department?

The Union Public Service Commission or UPSC is the most challenging exam to crack due to its stern syllabus and immense competition. However, superior guidance and a practical exam preparation strategy bring success for a UPSC aspirant.

Have you collected UPSC’s best books and magazines and joined the telegram channels to keep yourself updated about current affairs? That’s pretty great! But, do you ever consider subscribing to valuable YouTube channels to stay informed?

YouTube channels are also the impeccable methods of starting your preparation for the UPSC. The aspirants should take the help of various YouTube channels to hone their preparation.

In today’s article, we will discuss the 5 best YouTube channels for UPSC preparation to succeed. Let’s get started!

5 Best YouTube Channels for UPSC Preparation

With the emergence of cutting-edge technologies, books and magazines are not the only solutions for UPSC preparation. Moreover, the conventional classroom methods are also deemed as the best way to acquire knowledge. But, the strategies are gradually changing!

Nowadays, the internet offers whopping sources for knowledge sharing, acquisition, and discussion among peers. That’s why video learning has become a new way of learning. Here, the learners can learn according to their own pace.

To simply put, videos are free sources of knowledge. In order to facilitate all the IAS aspirants, the list of the 5 best YouTube channels for UPSC preparation is given below.

1. Rajya Sabha TV

Rajya Sabha TV

The official channel of Rajya Sabha TV has 5.89M subscribers from pan India. In this significant channel, UPSC aspirants may watch:

  • Interviews of the top officials and ministers
  • Vital issues of India
  • Top-notch programs on govt-endorsed schemes on diverse issues

Are you looking for the best educational and informative video content? You should join this channel, then! Rajya Sabha TV is the leading hub for discussing India’s current issues, where it live telecasts debates on the major programs like “India’s World” and “The Big Picture.” Such renowned programs talk about the pressing challenges of the day, covering distinct topics. Therefore, it is a valuable Hindi channel for UPSC aspirants. They should watch some of the live telecast programs of the Rajya Sabha, includes:

  • World Panorama
  • Policy Watch
  • India’s World
  • Science Monitor

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCISgnSNwqQ2i8lhCun3KtQg



The BYJU’S IAS YouTube channel is the best-in-class UPSC preparation channel, having 1.54 million subscribers. Being the top channel, it offers unbridled and free video content on current affairs and daily updates. Despite the daily news analysis video and quiz video, this channel showcases live video lectures on the “Elaborated” session every week where the renowned faculty talks about crucial current affairs topics. On the other hand, BYJU’S IAS also provides unique video content regarding:

  • Economic survey
  • Budget
  • Interview guidance programs
  • UPSC paper discussion sessions
  • Weekly videos on business information.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1pfsmDBnMQB8sOuQvmTvRQ

3. Jagran Josh

Jagran Josh

This YouTube channel of Jagran Josh is a significant initiative of Jagran Prakashan Ltd. to cater to the developed requirements of the UPSC aspirants. It offers insanely high-quality personalized content for competitive exam candidates. Jagran Josh includes the top 10 UPSC toppers detailed interview sessions on their YouTube channel in order to give an insight into the:

  • Study materials
  • Preparation tactics of the toppers
  • Attitude towards the ISC exam

This 1.24M subscriber-enriched YouTube channel, Jagran Josh, offers weekly current affairs series in English and Hindi. Moreover, after subscribing to their channel, you will get an insightful analysis into the current issues and events of the preceding week, including economy, national, international, sports, technology, and science sectors.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/jagranjosh

4. Unacademy UPSC

Unacademy UPSC

Unacademy UPSC is the best educational content provider YouTube channel, having 962K subscribers. There is an alternative channel available, named Unacademy UPSC Hindi, for the students who prefer the Hindi language. Therefore, you may opt for any one as per your comfort and interest in learning. This best channel for the UPSC aspirants was started by a former IAS officer Roman Saini with this unique emphasis on civil service exams. It has become a must-watch YouTube channel for:

  • The preparation strategies of toppers
  • Various current affair issues
  • Summary of NCERTs
  • India through maps and “The Hindu” summaries

Are you searching for the major attractions for this channel? Unacademy UPSC offers:

  • Live shows represented by Roman Saini
  • Live telecast by the energy and dynamism of the broadcasters
  • Exam preparation strategies
  • Complete coverage of the current affairs

Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/UnacademyUPSC

5. Vision IAS

Vision IAS

Vision IAS is that extraordinary YouTube channel for the UPSC aspirants, having over 1.29M subscribers. One of India’s premium UPSC coaching institutes is to prepare students for the upcoming civil service examination. Such a powerful channel broadcasts crucial discussions and classes based on the UPSC exam. Students of this channel love its exemplary offerings like:

  • It contains extraordinary videos of online sessions by the renowned faculty
  • These videos are completely free of cost

Apart from the seamless video lectured, Vision IAS offers valuable information like:

  • Answer writing strategies
  • Interview tips
  • Topper’s sessions
  • DAF filling criterion

So, are you willing to get innumerable information on current affairs? Vision IAS diligently covers the best video sessions on the economic survey, vital topics for the UPSC, GS Mains question analysis, recent issues. All these help a UPSC candidate to crack the exam.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/VisionIASdelhi


These are the best YouTube channels for UPSC preparation that you should subscribe to as per your preference. All these channels are renowned ones, which guide students in their Civil Service Exam preparation. You must visit these channels, watch their premium content, and subscribe to all of those channels to acquire precise knowledge.

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